New Media

ADS's New Media Services offers a variety of DVD authoring, encoding and delivery services specially tailored to meet the requirements of our broad range of customers.

Video Encoding

We encode both HD and SD video material to a range of file formats, such as AVI®, Real Media®, Windows Media®, Windows Media 9® HD, QuickTime® and QuickTime® HD, MPEG® 1, 2 & 4 and MPEG 2 HD, offering streamlined operations and deliveries to online distributers – not only encoded materials but also metadata and peripheral assets.

We offer best-in-class encoding and transcoding systems, such as the DVS CLIPSTER®, FCP HD® and Digital Rapids®, for the highest-quality mezzanine level file creation from HD and SD video and digital file-based content at encode rates in excess of 300 Mb/s for archival purposes. Our Rhozet® and Telestream® systems transcode and electronically deliver your files at lower data rates, ranging from approval quality at 1.5 Mb/s to a high of 150 Mb/s for master-quality applications.

And, because security of your assets is our highest priority, we use a closed network infrastructure designed specifically for secure file workflow.

DVD Authoring/Encoding

We use Sonic Solutions' SD-2000® Real-Time Professional MPEG Encoder for DVD encoding and authoring; it is well known for its capabilities in one- and two-pass CBR and two-pass VBR encoding. For the audio portion of your project we use state-of-the-art PCM, Dolby Digital 5.1 and MPEG-1 Layer II encoding. Our authoring services support both SD and Blu-ray DVD disc standards. Additionally, Sonic Solutions' Scenarist® DVD authoring system ensures the highest level of DVD player compatibility.

Our talented, experienced staff will help you every step of the way—from designing your navigation and interactivity to producing high-quality labels from your design or artwork.

New Media Services

·         HD and SD video encoding

·         Flash and Targa file creation

·         DLT creation

·         DVD Authoring and Encoding

·         DVD Duplication

·         Aspera, Signiant, FTP Services

·         Satellite and Fiber Transmissions

·         Final Cut and Digital Rapids encoding

·         Web Streaming: ADSX Secure Screening Room

New Media File/Format Support

·         Apple Pro Res

·         DCDM

·         2D / 3D DCPs

·         j2Ks

·         h.264

·         Flash / Quicktime (.mov)

·         MPEG-2 / MPEG - 4

·         Sequence Files: .dpx / .tiff / .tga

·         AVI / Windows Media

New Media Services


  • HD and SD video encoding
  • Flash and Targa file creation
  • DLT creation
  • DVD Authoring and Encoding
  • DVD Duplication
  • Magni Encode (computer file to video captured via Final Cut Pro)
  • FTP Services
  • Satellite and Fiber Transmissions
  • Snell & Wilcox iCR® and Digital Rapids for archival encoding
  • Telestream/Clipmail and Rhozet for approval and master quality encoding



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