Digital Operations Center

The overwhelming access to on-demand media, anytime and anywhere via the internet, mobile devices, radio and television, has forever changed the time-to-market and monetization model for content providers. Media companies are faced with the growing challenge of seamlessly and efficiently delivering high-quality digital content in multiple file formats across a myriad of media platforms and outlets to targeted destinations – all while ensuring quality, security, and reduction in the distribution time gap.

With the dynamic nature of media platforms and formats, turning digital media into delivery-ready file-based assets should be entrusted only to an experienced team that has a comprehensive understanding of the digital landscape while consistently delivering exceptional service, quality and value, whether your project needs are small or large. We understand that time is money. That's why, since 1994, the most respected motion picture, entertainment and media companies, television studios and advertising agencies have trusted ADS to help turn their content into profit, time and time again.

Encoding Services to Fit Every Need

ADS maintains an efficient file-based workflow, whether for a "quick turnaround, need it right the first time" encoding for iTunes®, EPK or Trailer Screenings, or a multipurpose project to create a mezzanine master file for transcoding and delivery to a variety of digital distribution outlets. ADS has refined dynamic workflows to a repeatable art-form to accommodate client requirements, including archive mezzanine encodes, film and episodic rollouts, and multiple delivery points, including studio archive, Internet and mobile devices.

Pre-Processing Workflow

Ensures Consistent Success

ADS provides a Pre-Processing Workflow for its clients by providing a team of encoding specialists who manage the project right from the beginning and provide the client exactly what is needed, no matter how large or small the project. The entire workflow procedure is tailored from collaborative information gathering, which our team uses to benchmark procedures to satisfy delivery requirements. We accommodate source formatting, encoding specifications, asset packaging, asset delivery and archive – all in a comprehensive project roadmap. This gives our clients the confidence and trust that ADS can become an extension of their staff.

Project Workflow Made Easy

ADS's Digital Operations Center is the epitome of repeatable efficiency and quality. The workflow seamlessly unifies 1) Production Management; 2) Encoding Management; 3) Quality Control and 4) Data Management functions into a cohesive process, eliminating potential documentation and tracking errors while optimizing workflow synergy.

Production Management

Our technical operations specialists work directly with the client to ensure that each job receives focused execution. Although encoding specifications are flushed out during the pre-processing workflow process, we maintain daily documentation, tracking and logging to ensure a complete and repeatable specification for encoding with verified delivery methods.

Quality Control

Regardless of the complexity of your project, strict adherence to our policy guidelines controls every detail of a job's workflow through the department. Specialized operators monitor and control all asset parameters before delivery, verifying format, specifications, video, audio, metadata, and other components.

Encoding Management

By splitting skill-sets required for workflows from an individual to multiple operators, we ensure that each encoding/transcoding service type can be focused and optimized. Our teams, masters in their service sets, provide the necessary checks and balances throughout the encoding workflow, resulting in the highest quality deliverable asset. Utilizing professional hardware and software designated to be adaptive and consistently with encoding standards, the Digital Operations Center is designed to grow seamlessly with encoding advancements.

Data Management

During this process, our technical specialists package the assets to include relevant metadata, artwork, encryption, etc., for each asset. Delivery via Aspera®, Signiant®, FTP®, FireWire® drive – or the methodology that the client dictates – is accompanied by strict documentation and logging of asset movement. ADS can also store your digital assets in an approved archive medium, such as LTO, in our fully secured and air-controlled on-site vault. With our state-of-the-art asset catalogue and Xytech® tracking systems, you can rest assured your assets are in trusted hands.

ADS Digital Operations Center Equipment

The Digital Operations Center can handle all encoding and transcoding services, utilizing a variety of professional hardware and software encoding systems, expandable to accommodate future formats. Additionally, the high-performance and scalable storage network architecture provides the utmost in speed, security and storage needed for sustained long-form workflows, quality control and data management.

Encoding and Transcoding

Digital Rapids®

  • StreamzHDTM - Encoding hardware for encoding SDI HD/SD. Transcode engine for all standard and specialized media file formats.


CLIPSTER® - Gen 3 hardware for encoding SDI HD/SD. I/O capabilities include all tape standards up to 4:4:4 dual link HD. The hardware supports accelerated JPEG 2000, RED, DCP, and stereo-scopic workflows. CLIPSTER utilizes multiple tools including:

  • Editorial including limitless timeline, transitions, and key framing up to 4k resolution.
  • Conform real-time - Format/scale & rotate/Color space conversion.
  • Metadata and SAN management.


  • Mac Pro®- Hardware for encoding SDI HD/SD. I/O capabilities include all tape standards up to 4:2:2 HD. • Final Cut Pro® - Standard non-linear editorial and specialized encoding. • Compressor® - Standard transcoding software.


  • RhozetTM Carbon CoderTM transcode engine for all standard and specialized media file formats.

Time is money. And so, whether your project needs are small or large, ADS is your premier source for ‘Encoding at the speed of Now'. With an uncompromising commitment to excellence in both personnel and equipment, our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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Digital Operations Center Services


  • EPK and Trailer Screening Files
  • Captioning and Subtitle Reference Files
  • Internet Media Assets for Web Content
  • Mezzanine Assets for Versioning, Distribution and Archive
  • Offline and Online Assets for Editorial and Audio
  • Digital and Tape Quality Assets for Broadcasters
  • PPV and VOD
  • Digital Dailies
  • DCP, R3D, 3D and 3G
  • 4k Digitizing for Digital Intermediate Projects


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