ADS is equipped to meet all your digital and analog audio needs, in any format and in any frame rate. ADS features the latest in digital audio technology and has a large working inventory of audio and film legacy playback equipment for outdated formats. Our team of audio craftsmen represents the epitome of the industry professional with decades of experience, ensuring the highest-quality service and deliverable. Whether your needs are HD/SD layback, non-linear audio editing using the latest Pro Tools system, audio encoding and duplication, electronic delivery or Dolby encoding, you can trust our team to deliver your project on time, and on budget.

HD/SD Layback

ADS can layback audio tracks from almost any format, including HD or SD format masters, Mag track, 1/4", 1/2", DAT, DA88/98, and digital files. We encode Dolby Digital or Dolby E encoded from the discreet track masters during the layback process. ADS uses the Lynx and TL sync system for synchronization for all standard or high-definition audio laybacks.

Pro Tools

ADS uses the latest version Pro Tools® non-linear audio editing system, which allows users to record, edit and layback to video. We can also digitize material to and from Pro Tools to other video and audio formats, such as HD Cam SR, HD Cam, D5, DAT, DA-88 and DA-98, to name a few.

Encoding/CD Duplication/Electronic Delivery

Using Pro Tools®, we capture and encode from any audio or videotape source and create AIFF, MP3 or WAV files. Combined with our 'golden eared' audio team, we ensure that the audio files are digitally encoded at the highest quality, making perfect copies of the originals. The encoded files are then burned to disc or electronically delivered.

Dolby Encoding

ADS can support all of the Dolby encoding systems, from legacy versions through Dolby Digital AC-3 and Dolby E. ADS also processes 5.1 laybacks and encodes to Lt/Rt, Dolby E, or AC3, depending on whether you need stereo audible program or data stream.

Audio Services


  • Yamaha 02R96 v2
  • HD Pro Tools®
  • Dolby Pro Logic I and II
  • 5.1 Surround sound system
  • Dolby "E" encoding/decoding (HD capable)
  • Cedar Duo with ‘declickle' and auto dehiss (elegant at removing pops and ticks)
  • DA 88/98
  • DAT
  • 1/4'' Otari and 1/4'' Ampex 2-track
  • 1/2'' Otari 4-track
  • 16mm & 35mm Mag
  • AC 3 files for DVD
  • Wav files
  • AIFF files
  • MP3 files
  • Audio CD
  • Data Disc



August 1, 2017
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