ADSX Screening Room

ADSX Screening Room™ is a secure online environment that lets users screen and present media assets to partners or customers in a professional viewing environment. It allows users to customize the experience to the needs or the access rights of each individual, and to grant download rights to selected individuals at your discretion.

Standard Features

• Easy-to-use navigation through active rooms

• Video playback of streaming files in a variety of display sizes

• Assets listed by production types

• Display of non-video assets, such as images, documents and audio files

• Activation or expiration of users based on date and time

• Distribution of selected assets globally, with restriction of secure assets to privileged users

• Extended metadata views

• Support for tablet devices that cannot playback Flash files

Download Features

• Any type of deliverable file can be attached for download

• The ability to download using a Cart or directly from the viewing environment

• Accelerated download speeds with a free Aspera Connect plug-in

• Ability to download via HTTP

Features for Content Owners

• As desired, give studio administrators direct controls to create their own custom screening room usage reporting

• If selected, use header art to brand studio content

• If selected, restrict users and materials to studio-based subdomains

ADSX Screening Room Services


  • Navigation by title or keyword search
  • Video playback of streaming files in multiple displays
  • Assets listed by product type
  • Support on tablet devices such as the iPad™
  • Display of non-video assets
  • Extended metadata view for controlled asset display
  • User administration and security privileges



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