ADS Quality Control

When it comes to 100% Quality Control (QC) services, ADS has the experts to assist you with all of your QC needs.

ADS can QC your masters, either file or tape, no matter where they were made.  ADS supports all file and tape based formats.  We use the combination of state of the art technology, proprietary processes, and of course our expert eyes and ears to perform 100% QC of your material.  

First, we do an initial inspection to reveal any obvious potential quality issues before doing a full 100% QC.  We let you know if issues are found before spending time and money on a full QC, only to have to redo that effort if the asset is resupplied. 

You are in complete control throughout the process. 

After your content passes initial inspection, the 100% QC process begins.  Based on your specific needs for the content, the specifications for the delivery point, and industry standards, the 100% QC looks for compliance to those requirements.

ADS QC ReportA detailed QC report is generated and sent to you for review.  Any potential defective findings will be accompanied with suggestions for specific solutions that best fit your needs and budget.  If corrective action is required, ADS has the ability to make those technical corrections to save you time and keep you on schedule, or we will partner with the originating laboratory to assist them in the process.

Also, because ADS is a qualified QC facility, even if your job did not request 100% QC, our talent and experience is shoulder to shoulder with all the work we do.  Our staff are held to a high standard that passes 100% QC scrutiny on a daily basis.  It's just another example of our commitment to service excellence.

ADS has over 20 years of QC experience, and our talented staff knows what to look for when dealing with domestic or international deliveries.  Feature, TV episodic, advertising and promotional, and commercial spots are our core business delivering to theatrical, broadcast, VOD, home video and independent distributors.  Additionally, our QC department keeps our database updated with up to date delivery point specifications to ensure your project will be in compliance.  Not surprisingly, our diverse client base, from major motion picture studios, independent production companies, agencies, distributors, and in house facilities have come to trust our QC service with their important projects. 

ADS Quality Control – quality you can trust.


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