Adoption of "All Digital" Media Storage Becomes Higher Imperative in Light of Sudden Tape Shortages

Ramifications of Japan Disaster Just the Latest Indicator of the Value of "Tapeless" Digital Media; New Program Eases Transition to All-Digital Storage, While Aiding Japan Relief Efforts

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - March 22, 2011) - Officials of Advanced Digital Services (ADS) today restated concerns about industry reliance on tape as a medium for transferring, storing and archiving digital content. Citing the loss of tapes and production capacity related to the Japan disaster, ADS officials noted that media companies recognize the challenge but need reliable, trusted information on alternatives.

All-digital media -- which eliminates the need for tape -- offers a cost-effective, reliable approach to media storage that can be deployed rapidly. ADS, which has a significant US market share in distribution, archival, and production services involving tape, remains in a strong position to maintain continuous support for existing and new customers, regardless of their plans to transition to all-digital media.

All-digital distribution, archiving and production automates processes from transcoding through production, delivery and archival of media. Because the process is "end-to-end" digital, no intervening manual processes are required, eliminating time-intensive production of media to tape and the resulting risk of errors. All-digital processes have also been shown to reduce production costs dramatically, while providing security, accuracy and accountability in media production.

ADS's digital media production is built around a hosted digital asset management system that provides strict control of media flows, ensures security, and reduces time to delivery. The system provides a comprehensive view of each media asset, through every stage of production, and allows customers to set security and usage rights that protect access to each asset -- all from a single computer console.

Customers Can Go Digital Without Disruption to Existing Operations

ADS has announced a "Go Digital" program that will allow media companies to "go tapeless" by making a quick, cost-effective transition to reliable digital workflows. As incentives, ADS will waive initial set-up fees; reduce pricing to encode, store and deliver customer content; and, on request, archive all media on the company's ADSX digital asset management system until the tape shortage ends.


ADS to Aid in Japan Relief

ADS also noted that the program will help in Japan relief efforts. "We are deeply concerned about the plight of the Japanese people and are committed to helping with funding relief during this crisis," said Andy McIntyre, chairman of ADS. ADS will donate three percent of digital workflow revenue to Japan disaster relief and will assume all administrative fees.

Top Priority: Business Continuity

ADS maintains a corporate commitment to helping media companies maintain business continuity. Because shortages can occur not just through a national disaster, but because of sudden, unanticipated industry demand or a material scarcity, ADS's emergency-preparedness plan has always anticipated and prepared for such unforeseeable circumstances.

Digital media workflows can also coexist with tape-based workflows, easing any customer concerns about moving to digitally stored media, either as a trial or full adoption.

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