Customer Case Study - Independent Studio

Independent Motion Picture Studio Relies on ADS QC, Attentiveness to Detail, and Responsiveness to Cost Effectively Deliver Content to International Markets

ADS, a leading digital services company to the Media & Entertainment community - from major studios and world-class advertising agencies to independents and CODs alike, is utilized by a major motion picture studio as an extension of their organization for deliverables and distribution of masters for foreign markets. The wide range of needs in international markets requires the availability of expensive equipment on a moment’s notice and experienced staff to deliver cost effective work flows. ADS digital, distribution, and storage solutions provide the studio with a highly responsive solution improving their ability to securely and properly QC and package content for international distribution.


The motion picture studio is a Los Angeles based company that finances, produces and distributes three to six action adventure motion pictures per year with budgets between $3 million to $20 million.

Its Director of Post Production & Delivery Services, is tasked with post-production for theatrical releases and delivery of content for current films, marketing campaigns for films distributing domestically, and service delivery for all international clients. As such, he needs to be able to respond quickly to any and all requests from international markets within the budget available at the studio. On any given day, the studio can get a request to create a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for China; the next a HDCAM SR for Belgium; and another day provide trailer distribution for France.


He explains that it requires a tremendous amount of expert manpower, expensive equipment, and dedicated space to meet the post production needs of their international clients. He adds that it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for a system or machine and it's impossible to predict which machine will be needed at any given time.

"ADS Customer Service, Quality and Turnaround time is unmatched in the industry."
Director of Post Production & Delivery Services

“We can get a request from anywhere in the world at any time a day from these foreign territories for next day delivery and time is always of the essence in this industry.”

“Depending on the distribution rights, any given project may require a variety of equipment and workflows ranging from a DCP or HDCAM SR so we can layback foreign tracks, to a PAL or NTSC deck, or the use of an editing system to edit and conform some trailers. Keeping and maintaining all this equipment in-house was not an option, nor was trying to securely store all the finished assets. We needed an around the clock partner that had an extensive inventory of equipment and on-hand experts that could immediately recommend and execute the most cost effective workflows for any given project while maintaining the highest quality service and secure storage area.”


The motion picture studio selected ADS as their go-to resource for post-production support after significant due diligence. To minimize project turnaround time, the studio now stores all their digital and physical assets at ADS's MPAA inspected, fully secured, and air-controlled vault facility. This enables the creation and fulfillment of any requests from foreign markets with the fastest turnaround time possible.

“ADS provides outstanding service from their 24x7 operation,” the Director affirmed. “There is always someone answering the phone or email at their end of the line whenever we send a request in ? and we usually receive a response within 10 minutes no matter what day and time it is. On the other hand, it can be a day or two to get a response from their competitors. ADS's responsiveness allows me to turnaround a project and get it out the same day or next day if needed ? they are really quick.”

The studio also boasts about ADS's staff and customer service excellence where he stated, “It’s the best team and support network I have worked with bar none! One of the great benefits of working with ADS is it’s a collaborative effort rather than a lab just delivering against a written PO request. They will offer their suggestions on keeping the price down by creating the best work flow possible for us. If they see an opportunity to amend the workflow to save time and money, they suggest the change even when it doesn’t mean as much revenue to them. This is critical to a studio our size where the budget drives the bottom line.”

ADS continually invests in the latest equipment and top talent to support their clients' needs and houses one of the largest working inventory of legacy video and audio equipment in the industry. “I’ve never known them to not have available what we need, from a 1” to the newest digital file format. I just send over the order and know they have the equipment to get the job done right. Everything that goes out of ADS is of the highest quality. Aside from trusting that the final asset will be secure and properly packaged, ADS goes the extra mile."

To save travel and decision making time for clients, ADS also offers its virtual ADS-Xpress (ADSX) Screening Room. This service is a secure online environment that lets the client screen and present media assets in a professional viewing environment. It allows clients to customize the experience to the needs or the access rights of each individual, and to grant download rights to selected individuals at the client's discretion. “Their ADSX Screening Room provides a secure streaming site for me to view my project's progress by looking at a QuickTime file or a few shots of a scene without having to drive in traffic across town to look at it in their studio to make a creative decision. I can just pull out my iPad, phone, or computer and view the progress of the project. It’s an encrypted stream so it’s completely secure and I can directly give notes and feedback on areas that need to be corrected or enhanced. This is a great collaborative tool and a real time saver.”

“Value for me is about customer service. The people at ADS become your trusted partner in fulfilling the needs of your business. Their customer service is great at anticipating my needs and helping me with any request I have – whether it be a little one or a large one. They treat me the same whether it’s a $10 request or a really large one of tens of thousands of dollars. It’s really incredible to have a company that works at this level. Bottom line, ADS customer service, quality, and turnaround time is unmatched in the industry and I would advise my peers in the industry that they give them a try and see for themselves.

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