New Media Services

Craig Isara - New Media Department Manager

ADS's New Media Services offers a wide variety of DVD/Blu-Ray authoring, encoding, and delivery services specially tailored to meet the requirements of a broad range of ADS's domestic and international clientele. Craig Isara, New Media Department Manager, describes the heart and soul of this high paced, quick turnaround production services department that handles HD, SD and 4K workflows.

ADS New Media Services Offerings

The New Media Services department offers domestic and international HD, SD and 4K tape-to-file, file-to-tape, posting to an FTP server or using Aspera/Signiant secure WAN file transfer services sourced from a variety of media including tape, drives, downloads, proprietary deliveries, etc., and in any international frame rate.

"The hallmark of our department is the quality of our work and the rapid pace we complete projects. Many of our recurring or custom one-off projects require fast turnaround from the same day to a few hours. Because of our streamlined work flow and knowledgeable staff that have been here on average 9 years, we have no problem rising to the challenge and meeting the client’s timing requirement," notes Craig.

Superlative Service and Equipment

ADS integrates the industry's best talent with the best-in-class encoding/transcoding and editing systems, such as DVS CLIPSTER®, FCP HD® and Digital Rapids®, and Final Cut Pro. Its Rhozet® and Telestream® systems transcode and electronically deliver clients' files – quickly and efficiently. "Our unique heritage in cross training our staff combined with our vast array of state-of-the-art equipment and unique processes allows any one of our specialists to take a project from beginning to end to execute the entire workflow – from ingesting, QC, authoring, encoding, to distribution. We can get the work done faster with higher quality than anywhere else I’ve seen.”

ADS New Media department also offers editing services. Continues Craig, "Typically we are asked to edit a piece down. For example, take an interview and edit it to specific questions and answers or shorten a trailer. Sometimes we’ll get pieces from several cuts that we are asked to put together and the audio won’t match, so we’ll need to put it together, smooth it out and sweeten it a bit to get it just right. More complex creative projects can be referred to our ADS editing department."

A Case Study in Creativity and Efficiency

ADS continues to receive praise for its creative engineering expertise. "One of the more difficult, recent challenges we successfully completed to the delight of our client is that they needed a streaming video put out in 4 days to about a thousand people who needed individual access. Each person had to get a specific file with their own watermarking and forensic protection for high security access. We developed a new technology to automate the process of uniquely watermarking each file while monitoring the streaming site. This allowed ADS to not only make the content securely available, but also allowed for the creation of reports for the client on who accessed their site, when it was accessed, for how long, and if the content was viewed.”

"Our clients think of ADS’s New Media department as their post production MASH unit for whatever they need to get done quickly with the highest quality. While we aren’t called on to edit a full feature, we have the capability to do so, so there’s nothing we can’t do for our clients – authoring, encoding, final cut editing it all can get done here – FAST."