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Advanced Digital Services Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

ADS Celebrates 20th Anniversary

It's our 20th anniversary as one of Hollywood's finest post production studios.

Company founder Andy McIntyre opened ADS in 1994 with a mission to build the best digital services company in the industry. His vision - become Hollywood's premier post production one-stop-shop. We've succeeded, thanks to our loyal clientele, whose trust in us have kept us growing for the past 20 years.

Customer Case Study - Independent Studio

Independent Motion Picture Studio Relies on ADS QC, Attentiveness to Detail, and Responsiveness to Cost Effectively Deliver Content to International Markets

ADS, a leading digital services company to the Media & Entertainment community - from major studios and world-class advertising agencies to independents and CODs alike, is utilized by a major motion picture studio as an extension of their organization for deliverables and distribution of masters for foreign markets. The wide range of needs in international markets requires the availability of expensive equipment on a moment’s notice and experienced staff to deliver cost effective work flows. ADS digital, distribution, and storage solutions provide the studio with a highly responsive solution improving their ability to securely and properly QC and package content for international distribution...

Customer Case Study - Equinox Productions

Equinox Productions Scales Business by Leveraging ADS Digital Services to Convert, Close Caption, and Deliver Ad Spots On Time and On Budget

ADS, a leading Hollywood based digital services company to the Media & Entertainment community ? from major motion picture studios and world-class advertising agencies to small independents and CODs alike, works hand-in-hand with Equinox Productions for finishing and distributing their TV spots to the appropriate outlet so that the commercial will be available to run at the scheduled time. Operating like an extension of Equinox, ADS supports their workflow needs from inception to delivery. From the start, ADS works with Equinox to develop a workflow and budget that meets their clients' budget requirements. Once approved, ADS takes the project to fruition including encoding, down converting, and closed captioning; and provides on time distribution of the finished ad spot to the exacting specifications of the client, ensuring its acceptance and returning a Proof of Delivery (POD) to Equinox...