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The veteran ADS leadership team combines strong operational, technology, and digital media services experience – a unique combination unrivaled in the industry. The company executives’ rich experience is only surpassed by its commitment and dedication to always deliver customer service excellence.


Brad Weyl, Chief Operating Officer

Brad Weyl oversees the entire production workflow for ADS, including managing its day-to-day operational performance and long-term technical advancements. With more than 30 years of experience in media production operations and management, Weyl plays a key role in ensuring customer satisfaction, managing technical operations, and supporting sales.

Upon joining the company as part of its senior management team in 1994, Weyl played an integral role in creating policies and procedures for excellence. He has led many successful sales initiatives and led in developing personalized services for clients.

Before joining ADS, Weyl spent seven years as Vice President and General Manger at AME, Inc. He also served as Vice President of Marketing at Plus 8 Video.



Valerie Kroll, Vice President, Client Services

Valerie Kroll brings ADS more than 25 years of accomplishments in broadcast duplication and digital media for advertising agencies, major studios and production companies. She is highly regarded for her expertise in the broadcast distribution industry, her understanding of the various divisions and interfaces, and her sales and management skills. For ADS, Kroll has implemented procedures that have improved client services at ADS, training on new technologies, and management of client accounts.

In 2003, she joined Point 360 to head the customer service department on a national level. Her work resulted in the development of one of the industry’s most highly regarded customer service teams. Earlier she founded and managed a full-service duplication and distribution facility, where she oversaw all aspects of the company’s activities, including budgeting, client services, staff management, and sales and marketing.



Russell Ruggieri, Vice President of Engineering

Russell Ruggieri, a 35-year industry veteran of networking, production, duplication, and manufacturing, is responsible for the design and construction of new technical facilities for ADS, including editing and audio suites, duplication, new media, and the Digital Operations Center. In this capacity, he oversees facilities, IT systems, and production systems, and manages the engineering staff.

Previously he spent 10 years with VDI Media, where he was responsible for construction of new facilities and for planning and implementing systems, supervision of the engineering staff, and coordination of electrical, HVAC and construction crews.



Tom Sehenuk, Director of Technical Operations

As head of ADS’s Digital Operations Center (DOC), Tom Sehenuk manages the entire operational workflow, from pre-processing and pre-testing of all projects, to packaging and final delivery of files in all formats. The key developer of the technological infrastructure and build-out of all service sets, Sehenuk designed the DOC with a secure architecture meeting all MPAA data security requirements. He leads a team that ensures industry-leading quality control and specialized services. He also has established several creative-services departments, including restoration and graphics.

Prior to joining ADS, Sehenuk served as Vice President of Technical Operations at Elektrofilm Digital, where he oversaw the building, technical infrastructure, and staffing of the facility and managed daily operations. He also served as Operation Manager and Digital Media Manager at Ascent Media.


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April 12, 2011
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January 29, 2009
Advanced Digital Services launches digital operations center powered by AmberFin iCR

Broadcast Engineering — Advanced Digital Services has launched of its new digital operations center and content repurposing service powered by AmberFin’s iCR software tools. ADS is introducing the new service to enable its clients to better manage MPEG-2-based media assets across multiple distribution platforms to help improve workflow efficiency and reduce time-to-market.....

October 8, 2008
Russell Ruggieri, IT Specialist, ADS (Advanced Digital Services)

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