When company founder Andy McIntyre first started ADS in 1994, he had a mission to build the best digital services company in the industry and so he did. Mr. McIntyre’s “do whatever it takes to deliver excellent customer service” passion permeated the company in its formative years and remains to this day. He knew whatever resources he invested in the company – whether in capital equipment or people – would pay off as ADS delivered the highest-quality product and service.

Such impeccable service and attention to detail resulted in the industry’s most respected names in the entertainment industry relying on ADS to execute their biggest and most difficult projects. To continue to support his growing business, Mr. McIntyre went so far as to build a completely new facility in 2002 – architected from the ground up to support unique media services workflows and ensure operational efficiencies – again, all with the customer in mind so ADS could continue to scale and deliver services like no other.

Today, ADS continues its nearly 20 year commitment of investing in state-of-the-art technology by incorporating the very latest in 2K/4K, 3D, video-over-IP and cloud-based content management systems. The company also houses the largest supply of legacy equipment in the industry, including 1-inch and 2-inch tape formats. ADS has the resources to monetize the contents of even the largest libraries – from routine duplication to the most complicated restoration and preservation services.

With a commitment to service, quality and value excellence, ADS continues to build on its steadfast pledge to being the best digital services company in the industry. With our forward-looking commitment to technology innovation coupled with a relentless culture of self-improvement toward better workflow and best-practice efficiencies, we can ensure our customers are protected from pricing fluctuations caused by vulnerable market conditions or demand spikes - now and into the future.


August 1, 2017
ADS again to distribute The Voice

For the 13th consecutive season, ADS will be the distribution hub for MGM Television’s The Voice...

June 1, 2017
ADS Approved as NPV for Media Processing

ADS has been onboarded and approved as a Netflix Preferred Vendor for Media Processing...