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For the past twenty years and with more than 270 active clients, ADS has been delivering customer service excellence to every major motion picture studio, advertising agency, television studio, cable and ‘COD walk-ins’. Operating in a state-of-the-art 28,000 square foot MPAA-inspected facility in the center of Hollywood, we are among the few world-class studios that support more than 200 media formats, delivering the industry’s highest-quality movie trailers, electronic press kits (“EPK’s”), episodic television programming, motion pictures, restoration projects to even television spot advertisements.

With a commitment to service, quality and value excellence, we continue to build on our steadfast pledge to being the best digital services company in the industry. We continually invest in our personnel and equipment and we are well provisioned to deliver advanced digital media services to any client and in any volume, now and in the future. We also maintain a wide array of post-production equipment capable of handling a variety of projects. From cutting-edge 4K and 3D recording and playback equipment to the largest supply of legacy machines that support near-obsolete formats, we have the breadth and scope of resources to complete your time-sensitive jobs.

Dependable and flexible media service partners are hard to come by, particularly when projects are time sensitive, complex, or require support for uncommon media types. That's why we're committed to being the most reliable and responsive media service provider, offering personalized service agents with an unwavering commitment to your success coupled with dozens of customer proven best practices in delivering digital media services day after day, 24/7.

The top four mantras that drive ADS business practices are:

  1. Build intimate customer relationships
  2. Cross train in-house talent to efficiently serve all media formats
  3. Pay close attention to detail and anticipate customer needs
  4. Ensure customer requests are acknowledged within 10 minutes, 24/7

With such a commitment to customer service excellence in every interaction, it’s no wonder why the biggest names in motion picture, television, and commercial production rely on ADS to complete their job correctly on time, every time.


ADS News

January 2, 2012
ADS offers NexGuard Forensic Watermarking by Civolution

HOLLYWOOD, CA -- As technology allows creative materials to be distributed globally with the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger, it is more important than ever to protect high-profile pre-release materials during every step of production.  NexGuard Forensic Watermarking by Civolution is specifically designed for the (post)-production environment...

April 12, 2011
ADS Introduces Next-Generation Digital Asset Management

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Advanced Digital Services (ADS) today announced ADS-Xpress, the first digital asset management system to make movie scenes, TV clips, previews, trailers, ads...

March 27, 2011
Fear of Shortages Drives Panic Buying of Japanese Goods

SAN FRANCISCO — Tremors from the strong Japanese earthquake continue to rattle American businesses, even those companies that have experienced no disruptions in parts or supplies...